Bill Clinton stops by Marietta

Sam Welch pictured here with Bill Clinton. Photo courtesy of Sam Welch.

Sam Welch pictured here with Bill Clinton. Photo courtesy of Sam Welch.


McKenzie Fleeman

Traveling between campaign stops in support of his wife and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former U.S. President Bill Clinton made an unplanned stop for lunch at Third Street Deli in Marietta on Tuesday afternoon. Some Marietta College students and faculty were lucky enough to meet him and shared their experiences below.

“I was getting ready to meet my Communication 101 class at the library computer lab when I heard the rumor that Mr. Clinton was at Third Street Deli. I couldn’t confirm the rumor with social media. Branden Chambers, one of our Communication faculty members, decided to simply call Third Street– and yes, he was there,” Dawn Carusi, chair of communication studies, said.

“I shot out an email to the class, now already together in the computer lab, and called one of the students on his cell phone. I told them the rumor was true and to meet me down at the Third Street. We arrived at the same time and went into the deli,” she said.

Carusi was impressed with Clinton’s conscientiousness.

“Mr. Clinton spent his time taking a moment with everyone there. He shook hands, took photos, and spoke with people one on one.. One person asked him if he had time for “An old man.” They both laughed, and as the man approached Mr. Clinton, he told Clinton he voted for him, his wife, and was going to bye [sic] for her again. They then had a quiet conversation. I thought Mr. Clinton was quite gracious. He made a point to go to the counter and thank the Third Street Deli owners and workers.  By the time he was ready to leave, a small crowd had formed outside the deli. He spent a few minutes taking photos before getting on the bus and moving on.”

When I was a first year college student, Jesse Jackson was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He showed go campus unannounced and my professor let us out of class for the chance to meet him. I shook his hand and listened to him speak. I’ll never forget it. I was very proud to watch my students have that same kind of moment.”

“It was a good day.” Dr. Carusi said.

Emily Vigue and Paul Bieniek pictured here with Bill Clinton. Photo provided by Emily Vigue.

Emily Vigue and Paul Bieniek with Bill Clinton. Photo provided by Emily Vigue.

Emily Vigue, a sophomore political science and international leadership studies major, also was able to meet the nation’s 42nd President,

“It was definitely an experience I will never forgot and it was amazing to be able to meet a president in a town I love so much, especially as a college student! This is a huge election and so meeting what may possibly be the first ‘first man’ of the United States was also really incredible,” she said.

Senior Political Science major Paul Bieniek predicted meeting President Clinton’s would leave a lasting impression.

“Meeting President Clinton was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. He came over to our table and put his hand on my shoulder as if we had known each other for years,” he said. “Being someone who’s into politics made it even more special to me.”

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