Pioneer sports dominate Homecoming weekend

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Trey Farley

No matter which team you cheer for, if you are a Pioneer fan you definitely enjoyed homecoming weekend. The football team got the ball rolling with a 37 point first quarter ad entered the half with a 40- point lead over opponent Wilmington College. At halftime the national championship baseball teams from 1981, 1983, and 1986 were all recognized for their accomplishments on the diamond. The Pioneers, led by quarterback Darien Fields and running back Roger Walker, went on to defeat Wilmington 66 to 23. The Pioneers scored 66 points, the most scored by the team since scoring 69 points in 1995.

After the football game, the action shifted to the soccer field where the men were able to take a one goal advantage, courtesy of senior Taylor Reasoner, into halftime. The Pios on the pitch would go on to clinch the win over Wilmington, after a second half goal by Andy Rolfes put the Pioneers ahead by two goals.

While there was plenty of action in Marietta, there was also a lot going on down the road in Wilmington.

The women’s soccer team was able to stave off a second half comeback from Wilmington to draw two to two, with goals scored by freshmen McKenzie Dorr and Raeli Barnes.

Volleyball was also on display in Wilmington, as the Pioneers brought not one, but two victories back with them from Quaker territory. The Pios defeated both Wilmington and Ohio University-Chillicothe in three sets.

Last but certainly not least, the Division III powerhouse baseball team took on Ohio Valley University in a doubleheader. They were able to split the series with the Scots, winning the first game by a score of eight to five before losing the second game seven to four.

When homecoming weekend was said and done, the Pioneers had collected an amazing record of 4-1-1 in six games, in just two days, proving that all teams are ready to end their respective seasons on the highest note possible.

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