Valentine’s Day emergency kit

Sydney Gregory

The animal options at PAC’s Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit event. Photo courtesy of Sydney Gregory.

On Monday afternoon Pioneer Activities Council (PAC) brought back the much anticipated Valentine’s Day emergency kit where students had the opportunity to stuff their own furry friends. PAC President Emily Gummere said that the event was back by popular demand.

“It was so successful last year that within the first 30-45 minutes they were all gone and there were 200 of them,” Gummere said. “This year we decided to bring 400 animals.”

If you enjoyed the event last year and are wanting a different animal, you were in luck. “The only animals that are the same as last year are the husky, the fox, and the snow leopard,” Gummere stated. “Everything else is new. Three of the four classes know the event so I wanted them to have something different.”

Among the many excited students, seniors Emma Strick and Jordanne Light couldn’t wait to participate in the event for a second time.

“I really enjoyed it last year when I made an owl and I needed to make him a friend,” Strick said.

Jordanne Light says she came back for the Valentine’s Day aspect of the event.

“I always come because my significant other is never on campus so I like to make something and send it to him,” Light said.

Sophomore Mandi Medykowski says she came back to the Valentine’s Day emergency kit workshop because she too enjoyed it last year.

“It’s such a unique yet simple program that’s inclusive and fun for everyone,” Medykowski said. “I still have my stuffed animal from last year and I was happy that I got to make another one.”

This event was yet another success for PAC judging by the number of furry friends peeking out from students’ backpacks around campus.

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