Parkurst Series: Darlene Griffin

Sydney Gregory

Parkhurst series: Darlene Griffin. Photo courtesy of Sydney Gregory.

This week for the next installment of our Parkhurst series, Darlene Griffin talks about why she loves the students of Marietta College and her job at the Pit Stop so much.

Griffin says she has been working at Marietta College for three years and has been at the Pit Stop since day one.

“I started here at McCoy at the Pit Stop my first year here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Griffin says. “The students are my kids.”

Mirroring Griffin’s thoughts of endearment, the students themselves love Griffin just as much as she loves them. Junior Jonah Mitchell says that Darlene is a staple of the McCoy Pit Stop.

“Darlene always brings a positive attitude to the work environment and she always goes the extra mile,” Mitchell says. “Even if she doesn’t have to do something for you like if she notices you don’t have your silverware or the extra toppings to your meal she’ll remind you not to forget it before you leave. She’s just a great employee and when she’s not working there, you notice.”

Junior Cody Alderman expressed similar feelings as Mitchell does toward Darlene’s work at the Pit Stop.

“There are a ton of reasons to like Darlene,” Alderman says. “What sticks out the most in my mind is that my favorite cereal used to always run out mid-week. When I told Darlene that, she made sure it was there every day of the week. It may not seem like a big thing, but I really appreciate her for it.”

It is not only the students that have kept Griffin at Marietta College for the past three years, Griffin also says that Parkhurst Dining is a prime employer.

“Parkhurst Dining is absolutely wonderful to work for,” Griffin says. “They treat us all very well. I think they care when you have problems and all of the staff members work together well.”

Although Griffin has only been at Marietta College a short time, it’s easy to see that she has already made a drastic impact on the lives of the students here on campus.

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