PAC hosts life skills week

Sydney Gregory

Marietta College students at The Cook’s Shop.

On Feb. 27th, PAC began “Life Skills Week” which was aimed at preparing students for aspects of life they normally do not learn in the classroom. Emerald Demor, senior at Marietta College, was in charge of planning the events for the week. The goal of the week was for students to partake in fun activities that also had educational value.

“My position in PAC is in charge of education and unity, so I was thinking about things that students don’t normally get in the classroom,” Demor says.

“The wellness day on Monday was focused on mental and sexual health, and alcohol awareness. Tuesday is learning how to eat healthily, and Wednesday is learning how to deal with your finances. They’re all things you don’t take a class in when you come to college, but they’re very useful for life after college,” she said.

On Tuesday, students were encouraged to participate in a free cooking class offered at The Cook’s Shop on Front Street. Students were taught how to make omelets, nachos, and cake in a mug; optimal for dorm room living.

Senior Courtney Wentz was in attendance and says she is glad that PAC presented her with the opportunity to attend a cooking class.

“I came because I wanted to take a cooking class here and I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet,” Wentz says. “This class is very applicable to a lot of life skills and it’s great that PAC was able to offer the class for free.”

Senior Rachel Brown was excited to participate and broaden her cooking horizons.

“I don’t have a meal plan so I normally cook anyway,” Brown says. “I wanted to learn a few new recipes that were easy to make.”

Students in attendance were able to request their own omelet and nacho bowl, along with a few printouts of recipes to try at home.


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