Seniors on the job hunt

Sydney Gregory

The Career Center Bulletin Board at Marietta College. Photo courtesy of Sydney Gregory.

As the end of the semester approaches, many students are transitioning into the real world by securing a job for after graduation. However, the job search process can be tedious and daunting for many. Marietta College offers a solution for your job search related anxieties by offering plenty of resources. For those actively on the job search or preparing for graduation next year, Career Center Director, Hilles Hughes has some helpful tips.

“It is important to utilize multiple job search methods simultaneously,” Hughes says. “The Career Center website offers many useful online resources that should be combined with networking, attending job fairs and conducting informational interviews. We are here to help students strategize so that they are using job search resources efficiently!”

The Career Center at Marietta College. Photo courtesy of Sydney Gregory.

If the advice from the Career Center is not quite enough to put you at ease, a few seniors who have already accepted jobs beginning in May have some words of advice for anyone on the hunt.

Senior Lucy Welles says that applying for as many jobs as possible helped her land her job at Tekmark, an IT consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio.

“My job hunt process was hard work, but it was so worth it!” Welles says. “One thing that really helped me through it was staying organized. Starting over holiday break, I applied for over a hundred jobs, went on a handful of interviews, and was lucky enough to receive two offers. I know that my diverse background in media has provided me with the skills I need to be successful.”

Senior Emily Schemrich stresses that it is important to utilize resources such as the Career Center, and networking with professors and alumni either through direct contact or through platforms such as LinkedIn. Schemrich notes that Hilles Hughes helped her get her first internship, which helped jumpstart her career path.

“From that experience, I was able to get my foot in the door of the business world and gave me opportunities I did not think I would reach until post grad life,” Schemrich says. “Look into internships as soon as you can. Even if it’s not the exact position you want, any industry experience is good. Many times internships can lead to full-time job offers. I have been fortunate enough to complete an internship with Ernst & Young in the winter of 2016 and received a full-time offer in the Columbus office after graduation.”

If you are interested in more tips and tricks, check out the Career Center website linked on the Marietta College website. Or if you are more into a video format, check out Lucy Welles’ interview with Hilles Hughes about the job search by following this link:


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