Fun things to do in Marietta

Emily Peters

Student swings from rope swing into the Ohio River. Photo courtesy of Jake Hill

The end of August in Marietta is marked by change. As the month comes to a close new students from all over the world move into Marietta College to usher in the school year. With them, each of these students bring different ideas of fun.

For some students, the most fun things to do in Marietta are free. Aaron Smith, a senior at MC, enjoys making use of an old rope swing on the bank of the Ohio River.

“I first went to the rope swing in the spring of my freshman year,” Smith said.

A sophomore had taken him and a few other friends. Smith said he has since returned to the rope swing once a year, but has recently begun visiting the rope more frequently.

Other students, like senior Evan Levine, would agree that fun doesn’t have to cost money. For Levine, fun in Marietta means “a change of pace compared to the typical activities on campus,” so he enjoys getting a group of friends together to go camping for a night on the weekends.

“There are a lot of different places to go that aren’t too far. It’s easy to get away even if it’s only for one night,” Levine said, adding that his favorite place is in the Wayne National Forest and he’s gone “at least once per semester since spring of freshman year.”

For those who are not interested in the great outdoors as much as Smith and Levine, there are still fun things to do. For senior Erica Denallo fun means getting together with friends and heading to the North Hills Lanes bowling alley on Wednesday nights.

North Hills Lanes has a special every Wednesday night where they only charge $1.00 per game, $2.00 for shoe rental, and pizza for $1.00 a slice. Denallo first heard about the special when she was a sophomore and now tries to go with friends every Wednesday.

“It is super affordable because if you just go and play two games with all of your friends it’s only $4 a piece,” Denallo said.

No matter what your interests are, there’s something fun for everyone in Marietta, Ohio.

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