Students react to new ‘Putnam the Pio’ statue

Abby Phillips

Putnam the Pioneer statue stands outside of historic Dorothy-Webster Hall. Photo by Abby Phillips

Marietta College students have always been called the Pioneers. In recent years, however, there has finally been a “face to the name,” in the form of Putnam the Pioneer. But Putnam’s newest manifestation has been met with mixed reactions.

During the summer of 2017, Marietta College decided to take Putnam a step further, by carving a life-sized wooden statue of the mascot out of an old tree. It stands just outside of the Elsie Newton Hall, facing Butler Street.

On Aug. 16, President Bill Ruud tweeted a statement that read, “Putnam is done. Great addition to campus and thanks to #Sawbillies for this amazing chainsaw carving. #BringForthAPioneer.”

While it seems that some students appreciate the new addition to campus, not everyone has been pleased with the statue.

“I’m glad I live on the complete opposite side of campus from it,” Junior Tara Moore said.

Sophomore Alyssa Prince questioned, “Why couldn’t they just leave the tree? God, that thing is creepy.”

In a recent twitter poll conducted by Fuzzy Ruud – Marietta College’s “First Dog” – out of 35 votes, 26% said the statue was “awesome,” 43% said it was “creepy,” and 31% said “Where is fuzzy’s statue?”

Whether or not students agree with the addition of the Putnam statue, it seems that it is here to stay. Putnam is quite literally carved into the woodwork of Marietta College’s campus.

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