Fun things in Marietta

Emily Peters

A map of Marietta sits atop Lookout Point. Photo by Emily Peters

As the fall semester picks up at Marietta College and students become busy with classes, they also take time to share their ideas of fun and how to take their minds off the stress of school.

For junior Amanda Arrowood, a great way to relieve the stress of school is going up to Lookout Point on Bellevue Street.

“I like to go to lookout point because it is a nice way to have a view of Marietta and of the college. It’s similar to a park at home where I can overlook the town so it brings a familiar feel whenever I need a reminder of home,” said Arrowood.

Arrowood said she first heard about the spot when she was a freshman during the local Sternwheel Festival.

“A couple local friends told me about it and invited me to go with them at lookout point to watch the fireworks,” said Arrowood.

Arrowood’s favorite time to visit Lookout Point is during the summer and that is also the last time she was at the scenic spot.

“I lived in Marietta during the summer and I would take a run around town and go to lookout point as my final destination to cool down,” Arrowood said.

If she had to guess, Arrowood said she’s probably been to the overlook around 25 times since her first visit.

Senior Amber Mauric takes in the view at Lookout Point. Photo by Emily Peters

For local senior CJ Cunningham, fishing in the rivers and dams around Marietta is a nice way to add some fun into his busy schedule. Cunningham has been fishing in the Marietta area all his life and when asked how often he goes, Cunningham said that he doesn’t go as often as he’d like to, but “usually a handful of times throughout the year.”

“The two rivers and local creeks make for multiple locations to choose from,” Cunningham said. However, his favorite spots are “any of the local dams” and the best seasons to go are summer and spring.

Cunningham also shared one of his fishing stories: “[I] fought with what I thought was a fish on my line for 20 minutes, ended up being a 17lb snapping turtle.”

Whether it’s enjoying a scenic overlook or wrestling with a giant snapping turtle, the city of Marietta has many things to offer for students who just need a break from the stress of their busy schedules on campus.

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