Mental Health Services offered by Marietta College

Trey Farly

Most people know that if you are sick or in physical pain you should go to the doctor to get help, but what if the problem isn’t physical?

Mental health is just as important to our success as physical health is, so it is important to keep up with our mental health the same way we would maintain your physical health. At Marietta College, mental health services are included in the price of tuition and are just a short walk. These services are conveniently offered at the Dr. J Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (CHW), located on Seventh Street.

At the CHW, there is a diverse professional staff that can provide confidential assistance in individual, couples, and group counseling for a wide range of clinical issues. Adjusting to college can be challenging for a number of reasons. Many students struggle with time management, concentration problems, lack of motivation, or insufficient study skills. The most common issues encountered at the CHW include depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse, and eating concerns.

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To help with these issues, the CHW provides group counseling. This is a group setting of four to ten people (and one or two group therapists) who meet weekly for about an hour and a half. The setting allows individuals to share their own issues and provide feedback and support to other group member’s issues.

The CHW also offers Interpersonal Relationships groups. This type of therapy group provides support to improve difficulties connected to developing and maintaining relationships with friends, family, significant others, and much more. The groups can improve trust, ability to confront conflicts, and understanding of one’s self.

There is also one-on-one counseling provided that allows individuals to meet with a counselor and discuss personal issues they may not feel comfortable sharing in a group. Students can receive advice and support for anxiety, depression, and many other common mental health concerns. They may also be referred to a local psychiatrist or other mental health professional if needed.

Alcohol and substance abuse services are also offered. These services provide individuals with the knowledge and support necessary for dealing with issues of substance abuse.

It is important that members of the Marietta College community understand how vital mental health is to a successful life and that services are available to assist in mental health struggles. To receive more information or schedule an appointment with the CHW students can call 740-376-4477

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