Fun things to do in Marietta

Emily Peters

Photo by Matt Peters

As the weather and the leaves begin to change Marietta begins to show a different kind of beauty, and students of Marietta College enjoy that beauty in many ways.

For students who love getting outside and being active, the many bike trails throughout the town are a great way to enjoy the season. MC student Britton Jackson enjoys riding the dirt mountain biking trails.

“It helps relieve stress and it’s good exercise,” Jackson said.

The fact that the trails are close to campus and easily accessible makes it a great option for students who like to get out and enjoy nature.

“The best time of the year to go is in the fall, but before the leaves have fallen off the trees. Once the leaves fall it makes it much more difficult to see the trail and the roots hiding underneath,” Jackson said.

While it’s still warm enough outside, Jackson rides the trails about once per week. He typically goes with a group of fellow MC students.

Jackson said he “had always enjoyed mountain biking in high school” so he did some research about the trails before he moved in his freshman year. He has been riding the trails ever since then.

“I found a map detailing numerous trails around the city of Marietta,” Jackson said.

Though Jackson enjoys all the trails, his favorite is the North Hill trail which starts off the side of Glendale Road. He has had a few crashes here and there, but that doesn’t stop him from going out.

Map of Marietta trail network. Provided by Britton Jackson


For those who prefer walking paved paths over braving the dirt trails, Front Street is another great way to get off campus for a little while and have some fun. Front Street is home to many different shops and restaurants that sell anything from coffee and pastries to antiques and handmade crafts. Each store and restaurant is unique and, more often than not, the owners will be happy to chat with customers who come in to browse the shops or grab a bite to eat.

MC senior Erika Massie’s favorite spots on Front Street are Putnam Chocolates and Jeremiah’s Coffee House. These are her favorite places because they have “great food and coffee.”

Putnam Chocolates, a chocolate shop that opened in 1995, is open Tuesday-Saturday and even offers an MC student discount on their sweet treats. Jeremiah’s Coffee House is relatively new to the block having just opened in 2015. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee, and even have board games for guests to play as they sip their coffee or munch on a pastry.

Massie frequents the spots about once a month and often goes with her Marietta College women’s soccer teammates.

2nd Street in downtown Marietta. Photo by Matt Peters

Don’t like coffee or chocolates? There are still lots of different shops to check out and there is bound to be something for everyone.

Massie’s favorite parts about Front Street are “the scenery and the history,” so if you don’t have the money to shop or you are too full to eat, you can still check out the local history or enjoy the beautiful views.

Whether it is enjoying the outdoors before all the leaves fall, or checking out the numerous unique shops on Front Street, there is plenty do in Marietta during the autumn season.

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