PioPitch session features current and past students

Abby Phillips

*This is a version of the story that originally appeared on November 10, 2017.

On Thursday, October 19, Marietta College’s monthly PioPitch session was held in the Cooper Auditorium. This month’s speakers were from Blossom Yoga in downtown Marietta and Fifth Street Consulting at Marietta College.

Megan Dowler who owns Blossom Yoga is a graduate of Marietta College. She majored in art and history, and is from the Cleveland area.

“I never thought I would be back in Marietta starting my life, but here I am,” Dowler said.

She went on to describe her small, one-room studio. For Dowler, the space is sufficient for now, though she is seeking to expand in the coming years. Dowler outlined some of the many benefits of yoga.

“Every-body can do this though. Yoga is not just for one body type, it is for all. I want everyone to come and experience yoga. It has so many health, mental, and physical benefits. Everyone should do it. At least once in their life, “ said Dowler.

Dowler hopes to draw more business in the upcoming year so the studio can become her full-time job. She also hopes to expand to a larger place in the next five years.

Fifth Street Consulting. Photo provided by Marietta College website

Fifth Street Consulting at Marietta College is a student-run, faculty-advised communication-consulting firm. The agency is in its second semester of operation, handling its second client.

“We already have a wide variety of students in Fifth Street currently and we want to keep it like this,” junior Kate Berg said. “We have English majors, graphic design, political science, and much more. It doesn’t fit the ideal mold for a consulting firm but it is what works for this organization.”

Fifth Street Consulting at Marietta College is not only for communication majors for students of any major. For more information about Blossom Yoga or Fifth Street Consulting, visit the links provided below.



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