Advertising student prepares for early graduation

Emily Peters

Young poses at Joshua Tree National Park, California

The end of the fall semester is near for Marietta College students, who will soon be packing up to head home for winter break. For most students, there is the promise of another exciting semester in January, but some students will not be returning for the spring semester; these students will graduate on Dec. 10.

Marietta College has 45 December 2017 graduates who will celebrate their accomplishments on Dec. 10 in the McDonough Auditorium at 1 p.m. One of these students is Advertising and Public Relations major, Mandee Young, who recently completed internships at Urban Decay Cosmetics (Orange County, CA) and Spark Foundry (New York, NY). Still, Young says her next move is an even bigger one.

“While I’m currently applying for jobs, I’m realizing that this marks a more momentous occasion than applying for internships these last two years,” Young said. “Though I’ve lived far away from home and worked full-time these last two summers, I can definitely recognize that this is a real change, a real next chapter in my life.”

While Young expressed some nervousness over graduating and entering the  world of work, she is mostly excited about getting her career started.

“I loved my internship experiences and am excited to get to start my professional career a few months early,” Young said.

Young said she realized she would be able to graduate a semester early when she was reviewing the classes she still needed to take upon her return from her study abroad last fall. Though she had to face a full schedule with 18 credit hours, she knew it was what she wanted to do.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to graduate a whole year early, but graduating in the fall allowed me to experience all of the great things fall semester offers, like soccer games and Homecoming, that I had missed last fall while abroad, while also getting to start my professional career sooner,” Young said.

Young stands in Parliament Square, in front of the Palace of Westminster

Young will also be graduating with minors in journalism and leadership studies. She attributes much of her career readiness to Marietta College and the experiences that it has provided her with.

“I’ve had two amazing internships, have had the chance to learn about and further foster my interests and strengths, am graduating with a duly well-regarded Liberal Arts education that has prepared me to know how to learn, communicate and work with others effectively, and am leaving Marietta confident that the skills I have acquired, the experiences I’ve gained and the person I am continuing to develop into make me a competitive professional applicant,” said Young.

Though Young finds it hard to pinpoint a “dream job,” she does know that she wants to work for a company that she can be proud to be a part of.

“I’d say I would like to work for a branding agency or consultancy but then again, my interests may change as I get out and explore more of the media and advertising industry,” said Young.

While Young is still searching for her first job, she maintains a very positive outlook because she understands that it can be a long process and job openings are often scarce around the holiday season.

“I have little doubt that my education and the experiences I’ve garnered over the last three and a half years have made me a competitive applicant for the jobs I apply to,” said Young.

Young stands in front of Urban Decay Headquarters in Newport Beach, California

Young says many professors and staff at MC have made a great impact on her life in her short time she has attended the college. Some of these people include Lori Smith, Dr. Perruci, Dr. McManus, Tom Perry, and Gi Smith.

“They’ve all provided me with so much support, guidance and opportunities to grow personally and professionally,” Young said.

Young’s main advice to underclassmen is to take full advantage of all that Marietta has to offer. Though they may have to do a little work, there are endless opportunities that produce invaluable experiences.

Additionally, Young advises students to take advantage of the “Long Blue Line” (MC alumni).

“They only ever want to help, whether that be by providing you some advice or helping you by being actively on alert for the type of job you’re interested in,” Young said.

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