Pursuing the road less traveled: a Q&A with recent grad Caleb Mize

Photo courtesy of Caleb Mize.

Photo courtesy of Caleb Mize.

Taylor Hanigosky

Taylor Hanigosky: Where are you currently living, for how long have you been living there, and do you live by yourself or with other people?

Caleb Mize: I am currently in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have been here since May 19th of last year. I live with my roommate who is the bartender at the restaurant where I work.

TH: Why did you decide to go abroad after graduation? Was it planned or spontaneous?

CM: I decided to live abroad for a bit after graduation to work on my Spanish and take a bit of a break from working and studying all the time. It was somewhat planned, but I mostly just decided to do it when I knew I wasn’t going to grad school right away.

TH: What did you study at MC and how have you used what you’ve learned here? What things are you learning now that you didn’t learn in college?

CM: I studied Spanish and Theatre at Marietta, and I use my degree everyday. Over the summer I was given the opportunity to translate documentation for the Department of Psychology at The University of Puerto Rico, and I work pretty exclusively in Spanish with the exception of the occasional businessman or tourist that comes into the restaurant. I’m learning to pay an electric bill, and take care of a pet, which I definitely did not learn in college!

TH: What has been one (or several) of your favorite experiences since graduating?

CM: Since graduating, I have really enjoyed skipping winter and being on a tropical island with constant access to fresh avocado, coconuts and beaches!

TH: Describe a typical day for you.

CM: My typical day begins by waking up to let the dog out to play on my porch, and watering my pineapple and pepper plants. Then, I head to work at the restaurant, and come home to relax for a bit after a long day. After that, I go to my cheer practice (I’m on a team here, which a good way to stay in shape with all of the good food I get to eat).

TH: Do you have any advice for seniors about to graduate who may not be sure of what they want to do yet?

CM: I would definitely say to current seniors: don’t be afraid about not having a job right away out of college. I have been offered some jobs I even turned down. It will fall in line. Really concentrate hard on that last semester and go out with a bang. Some of the work I’m most proud of I did my final semester, and I honestly was so busy with studying and capstone I didn’t have time to job-hunt. If you’re accepted to grad school or have a job, that’s wonderful, but don’t get burnt out. Keep your head and your grades up until the finish line! It feels so good on the other side!