Annual student art exhibition opens in Hermann

Matt Peters

Photo by Matt Peters.

Photo by Matt Peters.

Each year, student artists and designers are given the opportunity to showcase their work in the art department’s Student Exhibition. This free two-hour event takes place in the Hermann Fine Arts Center’s third floor Gallery, and unfailingly draws a diverse crowd.

“It’s so fun because faculty, community, coaches, administration, students, everybody comes,” Jolene Powell, McCoy associate professor of art, said.

“It’s an easy event in that you can come for five minutes or you can come for two hours. So, it works towards everybody’s schedule.”

Powell, who plays a large role in planning and curating the exhibition, says her favorite part is witnessing the excitement of students who have pieces in the exhibition.

Elizabeth White, senior graphic arts major, says it’s satisfying to have her work featured in the gallery.

“Seeing something that I worked really hard on being seen by more than just the faculty,” she said. “People from all over campus will come in and take a look at it.”

White says her favorite part of graphic design is, “Taking nothing and then turning it into something. Just a small idea that turns into something that can fill a gallery or really turn into something great.”

Similarly, senior graphic arts major Jordanne Light says that studying graphic arts has given her, “the ability to take what I’m thinking in my head and make it a real thing.”

“The important thing I’ve gained is a more technical form of art. It’s a more business form,” Light said. “It’s something that can actually be used for the professional world.”

White also believes design skills to be very useful in the professional realm.

“Whether it’s advertising or freelancing, there are a million different directions that graphic designers can go in, in terms of their future employment,” she said. “There’s a lot to do; I think that’s my favorite part.”

Senior arts management major, Camille Walters, says that for her, the most valuable part of studying art is, “learning what other people get from everyone’s experiences through art, and seeing how cultures portray emotions differently through the arts.”

Walters has been involved in the curating process for past exhibitions, and has found it to be an enjoyable experience.

“It’s fun to see other peoples’ work… and see other peoples’ painting styles or drawing techniques. It just kind of opens you up to what they’re like as an artist,” Walters said.

Powell was satisfied with the event, and looks forward to next year’s.

“Every year it does honestly seem to get better,” she said. “It seems like we say that every year, but it really does. We have exceptional students, and I’m so proud of them. It really is just a great time and a moment of pride for everybody on campus.”

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