OCE holds Community Service Day 2016

Student volunteers work to create a new sidewalk on Butler Street as a part of Community Service Day 2016.

Student volunteers work to create a new sidewalk on Butler Street as a part of Community Service Day 2016.

Matthew Johnson

On Saturday, April 16, Marietta College’s Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) organized the annual Community Service Day (CSD) which encompasses the Marietta College community as well as Marietta at large. The OCE encouraged both students and civilians from the city to work together in order to make the service work more influential and give it a stronger impact.

The 2016 Community Service Day received requests form numerous organizations within the area: The Butler St. Connector, Marietta in Bloom, Marietta Main Street, Phillips Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Williamstown First Presbyterian Church, Butterfly Garden, Harvest of Hope, and Washington County United Way.

Each service site received a student leader who helped organize the volunteers to better facilitate the service.

Maribeth Saleem-Tanner, director of civic engagement, affirmed that although the volunteer count was low, the service was highly impactful, “While the turnout was lower than some previous years, the enthusiasm, energy and dedication of the student, staff and faculty volunteers was some of the best I’ve seen,” she said. “We had a large positive impact at sites all over the community.”

Volunteers participated in a wide range of service activities. Some sites asked that volunteers help revamp wooden structures for potential outside classrooms, others engaged in mulching around Marietta and Williamstown, even collecting baby shower items for the Washington County United Way.

Roger Kalter, city council member and community partner with Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive, worked with a group on Butler Street between Fourth and Third, constructing a sidewalk.

The sidewalk will provide more accessibility for Marietta College students to some of the historic stores on Front St. It is also an alternative to potential safety issues that students have stressed.

In addition, Marietta in Bloom raised an astounding $3,002 during their fundraising event which the Office of Civic Engagement was able to send volunteers to assist with.

The Community Service Day was an overall achievement for both Marietta College as well as the Marietta community. The efforts that volunteers displayed allow for future visitors and students to recognize the affection and care that Marietta College shows.